One Winter’s Night I See…

This poem is one of my favorites. Somehow, whenever i read this, I imagine myself sitting by the fireplace in a Scottish or Irish castle, behind a huge glass window watching it snow…

For those who have been wrongly accused of something horrible… this needs no explanation…


One winter’s night, I see, the burning autumn ebony

Burning, in misery, pain and agony…

There in solitude, does it stand

The wood of protection only to reprimand…

In that dreary night, the ebony being accused,

Wrongly though, its plea being refused…

Unaware of the fact that the ebony

Has only half a life, now full of tyranny…

Too late will it be, I think

When realisation dawns upon the brink

Of the wood that accuses the ebony to no end

Torturing the poor soul, with not a chance to mend

The damage of misconception made

On the friendship of their wooden blade….

Down it crumbles with fatigue and depression

Never again to raise its head of submission…

The stinging truth now revealed

There being nothing concealed…

The wood, just as i had thought

Realised its mistake, but to draw a nought…

Now writhing in remorse

For the pain to the ebony, it wrongly caused…

One winter’s night, I see

The burning wood, beside the soul of the burning ebony….



14 Comments Add yours

    1. ashuragav says:

      Thank you. I really appreciate it


    2. my 2nd fav one among all the othr ones…


      1. ashuragav says:

        I know dea. Thanku


  1. sharanyaraghu says:

    Its really nice… keep going…


  2. Megha says:

    awesome!! keep going…good luck dear..


  3. Eshwar says:



  4. charan says:

    Nice. Waiting for more.


  5. Sowmya Acharya says:

    Beautiful !


  6. Keerthana says:

    1 word- AWESOME! 😌


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