Nature Teaches….

Like I said before, I turn to nature for comfort. There seems to be a lot that nature teaches us with and without our knowledge… there is so much more than we can derive from her… When I attempted to write on nature I had newfound respect for Wordsworth. I realised its not easy to write about her!


I stare up far, at the dark canvas of the sky

I see a smiling face, I know not why…

The pattern of stars, so beautiful, so perfect

The mild light shimmering, sans defect…

The dewey night perfumed with serenity

The damp grass sprinkled with gaiety…

Slowly churning the actual message of the night…

Me- laying my head on the cushion of confusion

Trying to grab the message of nature’s emulsion…

 A solitary poet, on the grass I lie

Singing to nature the fear of my eye…

Trying to be what I am, what I like

Smiling to myself, at myself alike…

Heavy clouds slowly start drizzling

Draining down some anxiety, eyes blurring…

The soft spears falling gently on my face

Telling me I’m yet to begin the race…

I learn the message of the night

To be yourself, to do what’s right…

Never to doubt, or hurt or let go of loved ones

To melt the ice of confusion with the warmth of love all for once…

Nature teaches me how to be

How different are things, when we see…

To spell the message of love, whatever the price

Never to lose hope, always to rise…



10 Comments Add yours

  1. Elan Mudrow says:

    Nice!! Check out:


  2. Nivedita says:

    Nature is a healer. It is also the best company one can have 🙂


  3. eshwar says:

    Nice one akka 😊


  4. Prasanna. J says:

    Nature a true healer and a great companion… ppl often forget and fail to appreciate the beauty.. Anyways grt gng.. keep up the gud work !!!


  5. pravin m says:

    well written ashu.
    and amazing that u hv been able to write amidst ur busy schedule.


    1. ashuragav says:

      thanku anna. i have to make time. but this is one thing i do for myself. so its keeping me happy and sane 😉


  6. Keerthana says:

    Very inspiring! This is definitely one of my favorites among the lot! Keep writing…


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