Quiet Reflection…


I spoke to my close friend today. It had been a long time since I had spoken to her…. you can even say… that she’s my soul mate…. Now don’t get the wrong idea… I am a married lady with a little girl… But you get the general outlook…  when something bad happens she’s among the first few people I think of… But when something really bad happens I know I need her. Have you ever had such a friend where you don’t need to keep calling every day but still remain close no matter how long its been since you spoke or even if you forget to wish them on their birthday?

Well, I do. I can tell you that its an exhilarating feeling providing an almost physically warm sense of security. Knowing that even if family fails you, you have a lovely bouncy trampoline to fall back and spring up in the air right away…

Now, there have times when we have not been so nice to each other. Mostly unintentionally. But we make up and all is good in paradise.

Now the main reason why I wrote this blog is the blog itself. No, i did not speak to her for marketing my blog or for her feedback…. Strangely enough, the reason I called her was remorse. She started her blog about a year ago and she had asked for our(when I say our, I mean my friends and myself) support in spreading the word about it. So as her dutiful friend, I should have spread the word about it. At the least I should have commented, liked or followed. But I did neither. I read her poems and posts; marveled at her kindness, enjoyed the language and wondered how one person can do so much and that was it. But the big hearted person that she is, she was and is just happy that I read her blogs and that the message reached me.

The day after I started this blog I realised that I owe her an apology.

Now, we both are people who absolutely love the English language and literature, are voracious readers and avid writers and we both put a lot of ‘us’ into what we write. There always is a piece of ‘us’ in our writing. Therefore, when she started her blog, she was delivering a piece of herself to the world selflessly, baring her soul, if I must. And I did not lift a finger, the lazy goose that I am, to help her out.

And so today, I spoke to her, apologised, and became a follower of her blog. And its my humble request that all those who read this please read her blog too. She will just be thrilled. She has reduced writing a lot and not writing and reading makes her miserable. And a boost in the no. of viewers and visitors will probably make her write again. Her blog is http://www.nivedisblog.blogspot.in.

So, at the end of the day, I managed to do at least one good deed. I will be very happy if at least one person who reads this reads her blog too.

So, as I reflected in solitude, I realised what a gem of a friend I have



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  1. Nivedita says:

    Love you sweetheart, no matter what!! :* ❤ Thank you so much for this post!! Means a great deal to me!


  2. Wah wah! 😝 deep!! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Prasanna. J says:

    Absolution !!!


    1. ashuragav says:

      Thanku Prasanna 🙂 🙂


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