Why Is It That?

I am sure, that at some point of time in life, everyone of us has been misunderstood.The misunderstanding takes its toll especially when our close ones, whom, we thought, actually understood us seem to be the ones causing most pain in that predicament. Well, this poem is for all those of you who had to hold yourself through that seemingly endless vortex of pain…




Why is it that,

Everytime I sing a song

Everyone feels I am wrong…?

That I am never able

To keep a friend at my table…?


Why is it that,

I have to share,

My feelings with walls so bare…?

That none understand

But only reprimand?


Why is it that,

Others feel I have no heart,

Despite no wrong on my part…?

That no one can see

The things I feel within me…?


Why is it that,

Even when I try my best 

I am put to test…?

That even with all effort and care

My affection is lost into the air….


Why is it that,

People misunderstand me

Even if I beg for pardon on my knee…?

That in my time of need

Nobody cares in word or deed…?


Why is it that,

The price of love is not paid

Even with lives laid…?

That the things I feel

Always have to have a seal…?


Is there no salvation?

Is there no deliverance?

Is there no end to this pain in abundance?

Is there ever an answer for all this emotional starvation?


I ask myself and others alike…

Why is it that these things happen…?








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  1. Supreetha says:

    hey I jst saw all your posts and they are awesome dea:) Feeling very proud … u’ve popped up as a mature poet!!! please continue …. looking forward for the next post…:)


  2. Megha says:

    it’s just awesome ashu!! I really enjoyed reading all your poems.. I look forward to read n enjoy more of your thoughts put to papers…keep going…happy fr u


    1. ashuragav says:

      Thanku dea. Thats very sweet of u.


  3. If the above poem is all bout you,
    No human can do that to you.

    Don’t you ever feel i am here…?
    Even when you get a little fear.

    Do you know why i love you so much…?
    because my dear, you’re to me bahut kuch.

    You’re the beautiful sister one would get,
    I promise to prove am right, if they bet.

    Only the reason am so far,
    I can’t be there for you to make you smile har baar.
    :* :*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ashuragav says:

      this is the sweetest thing anyone could ever say to me… Thanku dear…
      i am overwhelmed.
      this poem was written before i met u guys dear. i am more lucky than u , coz i have a brother like u.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. ashuragav says:

    Thanku all for liking it. It means a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Keerthana says:

    The million-dollar question at the end! Nicely written! Enjoyed it!


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