Happy Teacher’s Day….

Teacher’s day is celebrated by every country on a different day. In India, Sept 5th is celebrated as Teacher’s day. Its the birth date of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an academic philosopher and India’s 2nd president. So, in fond memory of some of my teachers, who successfully managed to instill in me a passion for the subject and a sense of honour and respect for the profession of teaching and them of course, I wrote this poem…(they’re all still alive. I just have fond memories of them)

I hope wherever they are, they are able to read this and realize what they mean to me…

India is home for many great poets. One among them was Rahim. He was and is, famous for his couplets, called ‘Rahim ke Dohe’. There is this couplet which serves well for today

Guru govind dono kadhe, kaakhe laage pai;

Balihari guru aapne, jin govind deo bathai.

Translation: If God and my teacher were to stand together in front of me, whose feet would i touch first (touching or falling at the feet of our elders or learned ones, is a sign of respect and a part of Indian tradition).I would definitely touch my teacher’s feet first as he was the one who taught me about god!




I may not have been the brightest

But I tried not to be like the rest…

I’m sure tears will sting my eye

Saying bye… never goodbye…


Your classes were full of joy

But with you we never tried to toy…

You taught us all to your best

After which we could brave any test…


In your classes there seemed not many a dismal second

And before I realised, there was another errand…

Your classes were one of the most awaited

As for me, my excitement never abated…


We learnt not just our subject from you

But to care, face challenges and be disciplined too…

A nod or a smile or word from your side

Enough to inspire me to take my stride…


You were all ears when I came to sort myself out

And resolved me with a smile, honestly, sans doubt…

I may have been for you just another student

But for me, you are extraordinary teachers void of dent…


Teachers! In my memories have you successfully carved

A statue of passion, never to be charred…

From my heart and mind, I owe to you

All I am today and my credits too…


Hoping you will remember this student

As one really different….





4 Comments Add yours

  1. pravin m says:

    good poem on teachers day..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ashuragav says:

      actually its an old one. altered it a bit and posted


  2. I wonder/wish, let all teachers know “how important they are” to every individual student, and fulfill the purpose of this day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Keerthana says:

    Good one,Ashu! Very well written,although any student might have tried to ‘toy’ with atleast one teacher sometime,don’t you think! I would lie to teachers making them believe I was in the library,but actually end up in canteen! 😝


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