Unnoticed Treasures….

This is one of my old poems. Aptly titled for what I felt about someone I knew very well. I am sure many of us have either been ignored as valueless and petty or have ignored some small or commonplace things and/or people as petty and of not much value. I wrote this poem thinking of both kinds of people using metaphors from nature. Most of the time we behave thus, not realising what we do, and how our actions make others feel. For all those ignorant ones (including myself) and for those ignored, here’s a poem… Ode to you all…


I walk through woods of melting greenery,

In the canopy of leaves, a yellow canary…

The koel- an unnoticed and inexperienced pleasure,

Sadly though, only the expensive canary, do they treasure…

I lovingly admire the glassy pond,

A water lily in it, of which I am fond…

The flower adds to its lustre they say,

But their looks, upon pearl bearing leaves, never stray…

Nature’s gifted children – animals everywhere,

Be it swan or crow, boar or doe…

Why then, are swan and doe appreciated,

While value of crow and boar depreciated?

The forest and riverine valleys, worth cherishing,

The beaches and meadows, its said, enticing…

But what about the deserts and plateau?

Don’t they play their part too?

I reflect and I realise…

No songs of veneration would have been,

For canary, lotus, swan and meadows seen…

If not for crow, boar and deserts so meek,

Regard, for their humble part played, who seek…

For all they ever get, ever so humble,

 Not once did they anger or grumble…

It dawns…

They are chords on nature’s string,

Music, only when together they bring…

Though a small role, they play,

Their efficiency has lots to say…

The unnoticed treasures….



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Keerthana says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Superbly worded and expressed. Your talent shines through,girl! 👍


  2. Swathi Rao K says:

    Reading it during the lunch break. Hmm…this one was soothing. 🙂


  3. Sowmya says:

    beautifully expressed.


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