Extremely Exhausted….


Correct me if I am wrong, but being a mom with no help can just get on your nerves… All the joys of motherhood aside, I really really wish I could take 2 days off from being a mom and just be me again… Or maybe its just the cold and cough taking its toll on me… Its almost as if I have  lost my ability to think. The only thing I really can think about, is a cool vacation where I can sleep uninterrupted for at least 8 hrs.

This experience is made of extremes. It takes me to the zenith and nadir at the same time.


 Its a lot of things…. rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating, hectic, happy, tiring, and basically stupendofantabulosly  amazing. Especially, when she croons or smiles, it blows me away.

I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world… Except for maybe, u know, the 8 hrs sleep, better health, more time for myself. … ahhh… I can go on!

But at least I have this… A place where I can share my feelings and know I am not alone. I wonder how all the other moms like me without help  hold it all together.

Kudos to them!!!


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  1. logeshwaran5 says:

    Cheer up lady. U r doing great.
    We r there for u….


  2. Rohit Acharya says:

    I’m not sure if God has taken care of his creations.
    But every mother takes care of her creation n looks after the child like her own reflection.
    proud of you Dearie 🙂

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  3. This is Why I say you, you’re my best!

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  4. Keerthana says:

    Can I help? 😊 why don’t you parcel her to me and get your 8-hr sleep wish granted? 😉😁

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    1. ashuragav says:

      I would love to but I would miss her the second she left home. 🙂


  5. Swathi Rao K says:

    Hehe!! 😀 I loved the ‘Caution’ picture. 😀 I can ‘understand’ your feeling, though I may not feel. I have see my sisters undergoing this even now when the kids go to school… They are relaxed only when they come to their mom’s place.


  6. Sowmya says:

    hahaha…story of every mother I guess


  7. Prasanna. J says:

    Hahahaha .. U wanted dis lady 😂😉


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