In The Chemistry Class…

I wrote this when our chemistry ma’m was taking her class. It was an afternoon class where, we were all sleepy after our meals and waiting for the insulin surge to bring us back to life from that coma like state. Quite obviously, we were not interested in listening to the manufacture of certain nitroglycerides and their structures and characteristics…. It was practically a lullaby for our already sleepy selves. So this poem was written then….


While in the chemistry class i sit

I search to laugh for some tit bit…

My eyes wander across the length of the class

Searching for something interesting in the mass…

I notice people yawning widely

With heavy eyelids curtaining sleepily…

There are others earnestly listening

Putting up a good show pretending…

Some like my neighbour go endlessly chattering

Giving the jaws little rest, even while writing…

Some like me sit nonchalantly

While others continue to dream on gallantly….

In short, in this uninteresting period of time

I got to see many a good  mime…

Which helped me write,

My poem, in spite

Of our teacher’s vigilance,

While she continued with her chemical sense….



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  1. Chemistry!! Oh yes! 💤💤

    I used to sleep instead 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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