Too much love?

It’s just one of those things you know. One of those nagging irritating ideas, that, if they take root in your mind, just refuse to budge and keep growing like weeds….

This new year saw me in a place I wasn’t happy to be in. Basically I missed out on spending it with hubby dearest. My daughter’s 1st new year and we weren’t together as a family. It did sting. But, what the heck! You got to make do. Right? It was supposed to be a bland, empty, sad story of seperation but turned out to be something else altogether…

My brother has a few friends who are a closely knit gang. Whatever their differences are, to me they seem joint at the hip! How much ever they fight and yell and slam doors in each others’ faces, they seem to unanimously agree on pampering me to death!! So, it was only natural to them that I shouldn’t feel any discomfort- mental or physical, and that if I did, it should be taken care of immediately!!!

So my new year was basically rescued by a bunch of teenagers on the threshold of adulthood who could have been anywhere else and done anything else but chose to be with me as long as they could, to spend time with my daughter and me. And this is just one of many such affectionate instances! It’s all the more endearing as I am not one of those lucky people who have had the fortune of having people to love them all their life. So I do know the value of what they shower me with.

As a terrible consequence of their unending love, no matter where I go and what utterly bleak circumstances I face, I can never honestly say that I am alone. I cant even be honestly pessimistic about it!! Because I know that crazy support group of mine will manually haul me out of hell if they have to!!!

Coming back to the stubborn idea that just wont leave me alone. Is this love too much? Its not just the usual “do I deserve it?”, “Will it last?”kind of analytical question. Its a genuine doubt. Is it possible that there is such a thing as too much love? They say too much of anything is bad. So is this bad? What happens if its too much?

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  1. I find its not too much as you’re saying. We barely meet, right? Once in a year? Maybe. I try giving all love, abruptly. To my sister…To you… Doing nothing, indeed.
    Before I see you, sister was in my unreal world. Seriously!
    Sister’s love? How will that be? I also wondered how would a sister’s hug make you feel better? Omfg! It really does. Two minutes talk in a day makes it complete. I do think of you everyday! Nobody can ever get that feeling…
    No, That can’t be too much…
    Will it last? Ohw! You’ll see it…
    I’ll always love you and I swear to be there for you…
    You never put yourself down.
    Stay happy always! Thats all I need.

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      1. What makes you say that? :/


  2. geetha says:

    Ashu.ifu r loving someone or loved by some one, feel it, enjoy it . Because love con’t be all . enjoy your life. Be happy always.

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