When Will It End?…..

This sickens me to my stomach!! Literally!!!

I have an unfortunate habit of personalizing things. But please do let me know if what I am about to say shouldn’t become personal!!

I know quite a few people in the very same situation actually! I will not name names, but I am really sorry my dears for breaking your confidentiality, though it’s being done indirectly. I exploded today as one of those friends of mine had to go through the same wretched, humiliating, barbaric, confounded experience all over again!!

You might have guessed. My friend was abused. Sexually abused! And here’s the highlight- by the father! Again!!! 

The worst part is that I can only fret and fume, but I am in no position to do anything about it!!! I cannot!! Nor can the victim!! As it goes, like in every other story, as far as society is concerned, the father is a saint. No one can ever imagine that the father would even look beyond the eyes of a woman and speak to them. He donates to charity, is considered a very sincere, hardworking person, very helpful and, get this- an extremely decent person with whom people could trust their kids and life. How is that for irony?

The mother, may or may not know what is going on. Even if she does, she’s in denial that her husband could be such a monster! The predicament is that the father is the sole breadwinner of a family that’s heavily in debt. It wouldn’t take a minute for me to call the authorities and get the diabolical insane monster behind bars, the laws being as they are now! But who would look after the family? There’s none else who can. The victim having 4 siblings, had moved out of the house and to another place for better education and a life. But the horror continues when they’re back home. And the complications intertwined in this story are just too many to explain… Essentially the horror of it all has to be faced, when the father is in proximity and no one is around, which despite many precautions, does happen.

There are many others out there with similar stories. If you did notice, I did not specify the gender of my friend.

That’s because my unfortunate friends are from both genders. 

Shocking right? Imagine the condition of my friends and all others out there who go through similar experiences. My friends suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They wake up in the night screaming having nightmares of going through all of it again; While on the other hand, those incestuous psychotic animals get to live a life free of consequences. I really shouldn’t be insulting animals by comparing them to these humans. But for want of a better word, I had to use that.

Its worse when the abuser is a family member, as you are robbed of a sense of security where you are supposed to feel most secure- in your own home with your own family! Most victims are more scared to voice out their unfathomable pain as their perpetrator is  family!!!! Whom do they trust anymore??? To whom do they voice out???

I wish there was something I could really do to help them out of their twisted horrifying predicaments. But apparently, blogging about it is all I can do. I just wish they had a voice to speak for them and fight for them in their respective homes. All I can do is lend an ear and console and suggest possible actions to be taken; because ultimately, it’s their life and they have to make their decisions, hoping they don’t make the wrong ones.

I earnestly beg you to help any such victim in any possible way you can; and 1st of all please learn to identify them. They could be your own daughters or sons or brothers or sisters or wives or husbands or your friends. They may not have told you… hell… they may not have told anyone and  have to silently lick their own wounds. Talk to them and assist in any way you can!!! Give them hope. If not,


And if you are a victim please try and just


Sometimes,The mere act of confrontation might subdue them and they may stop. Please!!!



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