His Eyes Said It All…

My husband is quite possibly one of the least expressive people on the face of this earth; and I have admonished him many a time for this nature of his. Often times, I have felt unheard and unappreciated, as a sore consequence. But, one fine day saw me realizing his love for me in unsaid words and unsung songs…. Apparently, I just needed to learn his language…. And I have! I also get that he’s trying hard to change and I do notice and realize how much effort goes into it! I just did not want this to go unsaid. So here’s a sonnet as an ode to him- my dear husband!


Beauty, the most handsome king

Practicality, does sometimes sting

Fidgety, with his wedding ring

Kindly, as all praises sing

Gently, he cares, charmingly adoring

For me, he’s eternally amazing…

Expressing his love, for him, challenging

The experience for me, appalling

Trying to impress him, unrewarding

But… one fine, lovely morning

For my token of love, unending

My reward, his eyes glistening

That day for us, enlightening

A valuable lesson, in loving…



9 Comments Add yours

  1. RAMAN says:

    May God keep you happy forever.. Nice couple, expressivesness is not directly proportional to love. Some people only show it through actions

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  2. shalini says:

    Wow πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Thats amazing! 😍

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  4. Rohit Acharya Udupi says:

    He who gets a wife that understands his unspoken words n unexpressed feelings is very fortunate indeed πŸ™‚
    very nice


    1. ashuragav says:

      Haha. Thnku rohit


    2. ashuragav says:

      Haha. Thnku rohit😊😊😊


  5. ESHWAR says:

    really good.. πŸ˜€


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