I can’t tolerate snobs!!!! Its the one thing that really ticks me off-people with the wrong attitude or arrogance!! Who the hell gave them the right to lord over others as if they were gods out of a Greek tragedy down on earth to save the day and oblige the earthlings!!! 

The earth has no dearth of these sample pieces! You can find specimens like those around every nook and corner. So, it was all but natural that I bump into one of them. And guess where? At one of those places where most women get together to gossip with the excuse of beautifying themselves to the extent of losing everything original about themselves- the beauty parlor! (i don’t deny being there, but i don’t gossip with outsiders or people I have just met ;p) Its one of those places where everything from the economy of  countries to the snot colours of kids are discussed. I try my best to make sure I go there when the place is as empty as it could possibly be (what with some women having beauty emergencies every half hour) to precisely avoid the above mentioned scenario.

On this occasion I was extremely unlucky as I happened upon the reason for this blog. That lady! That contemptuous, condescending human who called herself a lady! A scar on the face of women all over (But unfortunately, there are many like her; to balance out the general goodness of the largehearted gender we call women:). ) She acted as if she owned the place. As if she was the only one God bestowed his affections on. I  ignored her and didn’t give her a second glance. That was, until, she started peeking into my messages as I was typing them. I tried moving away from her and she ended up sitting right next to me!! And continued spying as if world peace depended on her knowing the contents of my message!!! I turned off my screen and gave her a long hard stare but didn’t say anything (the coward that I am; with the God forsaken lack of courage to say the right thing at the right time). It probably seeped into her thick skull that I (or anyone in my place for that matter) did not like to be spied on. She kept her distance until I started typing again. Oh God! When was she going to understand!!! And then, I just remembered that joke that my 6th grade teacher had told us and I decided to implement it.

I told my friend that I would message him later as a very indecent person with no respect for privacy was peeping into my messages.

That did it! I saw fifty shades of red and purple and green staring at me with imaginary fumes coming out from her ears. All i did was say “what happened ma’am? Do you need a glass of water?”, and she just barged out of the place. I later apologized to the owner for her loss caused by me. After I explained all that happened, we shared a hearty laugh and she said that I got done what most people there wanted.


But maybe I should have slapped her.



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