It’s everywhere!!! The delhi gang rape incident has come back to life to haunt me again. The perpetrators hardly have any punishment while the girl died from all sorts of internal, external and unimaginable injuries. The worst part is the rapist doesn’t feel a shred of remorse and instead actually gave a statement saying that girls shouldn’t roam outside after 6:30 in the evening and were not supposed to go to discos and wear “wrong clothes” do “wrong things”(as opposed to the monstrous atrocious dehumanizing acts of violence meted out to the helpless victim by him and his friends).
According to him and many men and women(unfortunately) in this country girls are still supposed to be treated as slaves to their husbands and families , stripped off of their freedom and self-respect and cover themselves from head to toe so that they don’t provocate any other men into raping them! Wat absolute rubbish!

Its one thing to fear for your daughter’s safety and ask her not to roam outside after dark and its another thing entirely to assassinate the character of a girl just because she happens to be out of her house after dark!!!

6 month old baby girls to 80 year old ladies are raped!!! Is it because the 6 month old baby provocated the rapist with its crying and innocence or because the 80 year old flaunted her hot body for a group of men? Guys of all ages are raped!! Everywhere! Just because its not given the publicity that a female’s rape is given, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening!!!! So does that mean guys are also supposed to stay in their houses and not come out after dark and they are also not supposed to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts???? Corpses are also raped for heavens sake!!!! What did the corpses do now???

I need an answer for all of these questions. And I need them to be answered by those thoughtless people who just spew comments like ‘rape is not a crime’ and ‘women should be hanged for rape’.

It hurts me so much. It hurts to know that I will have to tell my daughter and sister that they can’t enjoy their freedom because there are normal looking diabolical psychopaths rampant on the streets, walking without a care in the world because there are lawyers in India who will get them free saying women are responsible for rape and government with people in it who will sympathize with them!!! They’re all people who act as if women walk around with a signboard saying “please rape me”!!!!!!
When will any mother or father be able to tell their daughter that it’s ok for her to come home walking alone at 10 in the night? When will any parent feel safe to let their daughter or son out in the big bad world without a second thought and sleep peacefully at night?
When can any girl feel absolutely safe and go in the train in the middle of the night without thinking “Am I going to be raped tonight?”

Is it really impossible for people to understand that rape is a crime!! Touching or feeling up a girl or boy or woman or a man without their consent is wrong! The perpetrators don’t get to decide whether it’s ok or not or if it’s right or wrong! Anything done without mutual consent is a crime!! A crime against humanity!!! Even animals court their partners!! Even they follow courtship!!

Here’s some of the things some people in power in India said about rape.








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  1. mike7sedona says:

    Yes, they do, because of the sick masochistic traditions (sic) and a society that treats such incidents as part of daily life. Most of the people in power and positions, seem to have the notion that a woman is just a plaything, and what good can come out of such dummies. Meanwhile, they just go on raping…!


  2. Rohit Acharya Udupi says:

    its because those sinners are not punished but they are safeguarded in jails.


    1. ashuragav says:

      N provided with vip treatment


  3. adam bujons says:

    That is some pretty sad, fucked up shit. These ideas and thoughts need to be educated out of people! Women are generally objectified and treated like shit in the UK, but they are mainly safe. Tragically it seems that increasing discontent leads to increasingly abhorrent treatment of the opposite sex by men. I don’t know why; God probably does, but tbats who many of these fools cute when behaving this way…?

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    1. ashuragav says:

      U r getting the idea now

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  4. adam bujons says:

    Should be “cite”, obviously not “cute”!


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