An Elegy For My Uncle…

Its been 2 years since the earth lost a genuine human soul in the form of my uncle (my father’s eldest brother). Irreplaceable, as most people lost to death are, my uncle meant a great deal to me,much more than my father or any father figure for that matter. Back then, he was one of the few men whom I respected,  and I respect till date. He would’ve been very happy to know that I continued writing on a bigger scale. I am going to attempt writing an elegy(a sad poem in memory of the dead or departed)for him. I just hope I do justice.


That one phone call…
Time coagulated
Darkness plunged
Denial struck
Anger exploded
Memories froze
Guilt echoed
‘Oh! What could have been’
Silent screams
I raced to you
The little girl inside
Waiting for you to rise
Reality slapped
Reverie lifted
You’re gone…
I love you dhopa
Forever and ever more…

The world is less bright without you in it!




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  1. Rohit Acharya Udupi says:

    people appear n disappear for ever ,but few good souls leave their impressions for ever like your Dhopa . They dwell in our hearts n thoughts.
    I’m remembering my grandpa 🙂

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    1. ashuragav says:

      Yes rohit. I am missing him a lot. Now, more than ever.


  2. mike7sedona says:

    A perfect eulogy – earth is a temporary abode, souls come and go, some first, some last, but all go at last! We, humans so easily get attached to all things wordly, knowing full well the transient nature of life, and that’s not the weakness, but the natural trait of caring humans full of love and compassion. Rohit misses his grandpa, you miss your dhopa and I miss my parents; we all miss some loved one or the other departed beforehand, and the cycle of life and death goes on – may all the dear departed souls rest in peace! Thanks for the homage (in memory of the dead) – justice well done!

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    1. ashuragav says:

      thanku mike7sedona. i really appreciate ur comment. thnku fr taking the time to do so.

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      1. mike7sedona says:

        You’re welcome!


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