Your Opinions Matter…

I need everyone’s opinion on something. Are my poems easy or difficult to understand?  In either case what is easy or difficult about them?  If I had to change something about them what would it be? I would appreciate any and all comments and suggestions. What do u think would make them more enjoyable? Each person has something different that appeals to them. Thats why I have to ask.



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  1. mike7sedona says:

    You are doing just perfect and so, carry on! Poets don’t pen poems with calculators; emotions felt in the heart and processed in the mind just flow out as thoughts and take form as feelings frozen in words on paper or webpage. Of course, good to learn from the comments/suggestions of fellow bloggers and sharpen your sensitivity to give out your best – all the best!

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    1. ashuragav says:

      I did not get a chance to reply earlier. Thanku for ur time. It’s good to know someone feels like i do.

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      1. mike7sedona says:

        Better late than never! We, humans, go through the same emotions wherever we are as basically we all carry the same stock of genes notwithstanding differences in caste, color or creed, due to the homogenic composition of hearts! And so, our hearts beat and feel the same emotions, naturally!

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  2. RAMAN says:

    Actually I love the type of person you are; always humble and beautiful. But being a bit cruel, I am allergic to poems and have unfollowed most of the poets I used to follow here. But you are an exception..

    Have a nice day

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    1. ashuragav says:

      Thnku raman. That was really very kind of u.


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