I am Blank…

I am blank. I keep thinking I have to post daily but somehow I’m not able to. I keep thinking what I write must have some substance and value and all that. But I am just letting loose today. I am just going to write about how blank I feel. I don’t know if most people out there feel the same or even how many people out there are going to read this. But today I am writing for the pure satisfaction of having written something even though it may be utter rubbish.

Today is one of those off days. You know, the kind where you just have to do everything but you really dont feel like it. The kind where you wish you could just laze around all day doing nothing but watch Greys anatomy or Desperate Housewives and just become one of those clich├ęs after having tried to fight them for as long as you can remember.
But then, I’m a mom!! One who is OCD about cleaning, so, as you can imagine, the combination doesn’t really leave me with much time for myself. But try as I might I’m just not able to live upto my unreal standards of a clean house.

So today I have no inspiration except fr my own day. One where I had to battle my way into the kitchen and cook at arms length from the stove as my wailing baby would not let go of me. Not even for a whole minute!!! So as it went, I finally managed to cook my dish and stay in a single piece after all the hassling and crying and cleaning and trying to have tit bits of food here and there to keep up my energy. After all of this I’m blank. I have no idea what to write. Mayb I could start writing a journal on how I battle through my days. But despite everything, I’m definitely glad I wrote today.

Adios amigos! (I jus love saying that. It feels good in the mouth right? )



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  1. garym6059 says:

    Way to get back into the writing spirit, something will click for you again!

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    1. ashuragav says:

      Thanku gary. Ur very kind. I am more into poetry though.

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  2. RAMAN says:

    Okay, my suggestion is really going to be helpful; note it down. Random thoughts strike our mind at odd hours, when we are walking in market, when on toilet seat and anywhere.. An idea comes to mind about our Next post but that vanishes soon. So all the writers must have a diary by their side always, A thought comes, note it down. Write it down later.

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    1. ashuragav says:

      Thnku. I already do.


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