Hello everyone,

This is the beanbag poet. I am, presently a stay at home mom. I love nature. The beach (basically any water body) is one of my favourite outdoor nature spots. I absolutely enjoy travelling and sight seeing of any kind. I am a foodie. Basically, I can eat anything vegetarian under the sun. I love to try anything new, whether it is with respect to food or otherwise. Cooking is like meditation for me. Apart from being a voracious reader, writing is one of my passions. Biology is second to none. Music, for me. is therapeutic. I also keep experimenting with everything… be it new recipes or painting or writing.

Not a big fan of mangoes, which most people find weird and annoying. Though I generally have a good level of tolerance, I totally abhor people with a superior attitude. I just cant stand them.

My loved ones mean the world to me. There’s nothing more important to me than them and i can get fiercely defensive when it comes to standing up for them or protecting them.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of machines having feelings or souls. I admit, I am a bit weird… but nothing unmanageable.



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